Its been a great month!

Autism Teenage Partnership has been up and running in the¬†Scarborough and Richmond Hill regions and we’ve been having a blast each week! February has been a fun filled month full of baking some tasty treats, getting hands on and artsy with play doh to just chilling out and having a good ol’ time playing some board games! This month ATP also hosted its very first¬†special interest day where everyone brought in a special item or showed off a talent of their own.

We hope all our participants had a blast and we’re looking forward to even more fun activities next month! Take a look at some of our February festivities below!

A holiday filled night!

Last night, ATP-Scarborough was filled with so much holiday fun! We had a creative evening constructing, painting and decorating snowflakes and reindeer made out of popsicle sticks. We also made cinnamon ornaments out of some flour, salt and cinnamon. For a little extra touch, we threw in a ton of glitter and then shaped our Christmas ornaments with the help of cookie cutters! Check out all of the fun holiday activities we did below!


Cake, snow and bird feeders!

ATP participants have been having a blast over the past two weeks! Last week, we celebrated Alex’s birthday with a delicious cake and had a blast making some snow!

This past week, everyone tried their hand in making some bird feeders by painting toilet paper roles with peanut butter and rolling them around in bird seeds! We then took a nature walk in the nearby park to hang them on the trees for the birds to feed on. We ended the night enjoying the cool weather at the park and playing some Uno!

Can’t wait for October where even more exciting activities have been planned!

August 12- Foam Monsters!!

Last week at ATP participants designed their very own foam monsters out of water bottles. They then added some vegetable oil, food colouring and alkalizers to create the foam in their monsters! Take a look at some of the pictures below!